Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is one of the most active and dynamic service clubs in the world.

With 150 members from the private, public and voluntary sectors, the Club has a focus on community service projects for children and youth including the Kiwanis Read-a-thon, the Kiwanis Music Festival and mentoring with CadetsCircle K and Key Clubs.

These projects require thousands of volunteer hours from Club members, and the Club spearheads a number of high profile fund raising events to help fund these projects. 

The Club is one of over 16,000 Clubs in Kiwanis International. Click here for a quick fact sheet on Kiwanis.

Fund Raising

In order to carry out the wide range of community service projects that it does, the Club has a number of fund raisers the it undertakes. 

Long running fund raising events include the world's largest Bed Race, the Bon Appetit Silent Auction, the Charity Golf tournament, Shred-it DayPartners in Caring game with the Ottawa Senators and TV Bingo.

The Club has also organizes one time events based on local happenings including the Max Keeping Roast and the Grey Cup Party.

The Club also has the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Legacy Foundation and the Kiwanis Medical Foundation which provide for long term funding of projects.

New Members Means New Possibilites - One Can Make a Difference

Give Back to Your Community

Reading to young children, mentoring teens in after- school clubs, raising funds for families in need: there’s no better way to make a dif- ference in the life of a child than by offering your time.

Choose to make a differ- ence today by becoming a member of Kiwanis Ottawa. Our volunteers are dedicated to helping children, youth, families, and those in need.

This page introduces you to our club and what you should know if you’re thinking about joining. You’ll learn about our community service work, the benefit of becoming a Kiwanian, and the steps involved in becoming a member.

Working Together for a Common Purpose

Founded in 1917, Kiwanis Ottawa is one of the most established and most active community service clubs in Canada. We’ve founded many esteemed programs for children and youth, such as the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa and the Kiwanis Music Festival.

Our members come from many different backgrounds, from business owners and doctors, to educators and bureaucrats, and many more. We are a group of dedicated men and women guided by our strong moral values, working together with a common purpose: one child and one community at a time.

The Benefits of Membership

Membership offers you the opportunity to be part of our strong tradition of volunteer service, and to build lasting friendships while working to make a difference.

As a member you will:

  • Make a difference in your community. By volunteering with Kiwanis, you can become involved in our programs and activities, all of which focus on helping children, youth, and individuals and families in need.
  • Build friendships. At our luncheons and committee meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to share time with fellow club members, hear from community leaders, and share ideas for community growth.

Membership Options

We have three categories for memberships: individual, family and corporate. Each category gives you the opportunity to take part in our programs and activities.


  • By becoming an individual member you join a dedicated group of volunteers working toward a common goal of building a better community.


  • With a family membership, you can share the Kiwanis experience with family members at a reduced cost.


  • As a corporate member, you get the opportunity to promote the work of your organization and receive special acknowledgements.

We welcome new members who can help us make a difference. To learn how you or your business can join the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, download our membership brochure, have a look at the web site, and contact our membership committee.

Community Service Projects

As a Service Club, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa provides in excess of 10,000 hours of community service annually to a wide range of projects locally, regionally and internationally. 

You can donate online to any of these Kiwanis Club of Ottawa projects through CanadaHelps.org.

The Club welcomes request for assistance, and provides guidelines for persons or organizations requesting assistance.

The Club has a number of committees that create and operate community service projects including:

FAQs for the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

What is the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa?

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is a not-for-profit service club made up of over 150 men and women volunteering their time to better the community.

What do Club members do?

Ottawa Kiwanis members effect positive change through volunteering their time to community efforts. At the heart of these efforts is a devotion to children and youth, and individuals and families in need, with programs that promote leadership, increase youth literacy and leadership, and help those with special needs and those struggling in the community.

When was the club founded?

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa was founded in 1917. It was the third Kiwanis club to open in Canada, after Hamilton and Toronto. It is under the umbrella of Kiwanis International, which has become the largest service club in the world—present in more than 90 countries, with more than 300,000 members and 9,000 clubs.

How is the club structured?

At the head of the club is a volunteer Board of Directors, which is elected annually at the general meeting in September. They oversee the club's direction.

Why should I become a member?

By becoming a member, you get a golden opportunity to give back to your community and become part of our tradition of service. Through volunteering, you will forge new connections in the community and build friendships with your fellow members.

What is the time commitment?

Though time commitments will vary depending on each member’s preferences, typically the time commitment involved in volunteering for Kiwanis activities entails about one day per month. Typically members attend two luncheon meetings a month and volunteer on a committee that meets once a month.

What are the membership options?

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa offers three different types of membership: individual, family and corporate.

Individual membership gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals through involvement in our committees, programs, and fundraising activities.

Family membership allows you to share the Kiwanis membership experience with up to two more people living at your same address for discounted rates.

Corporate membership gives you the added opportunity to promote the work of your organization, and receive a special acknowledgement in our annual roster and website.

How much does it cost?

Individual membership comes with a one-time initiation fee of $250, an annual fee of $355, and the cost of luncheons at about $35 each. Additional family members can join as well, with an annual fee of only $100. There is also corporate membership, which allows two individuals from an organization to join Kiwanis with an annual fee of $1000.

What is corporate membership?

A corporate membership gives you all of the benefits of individual membership, with the added opportunity to promote the work of your organization. The annual fee of $1000 provides two individuals from your company with membership, and special acknowledgement for your organization in our annual roster and website.

What kinds of committees, programs, and fundraising events could I be involved with?

There are 19 committees, programs and fundraising events you can get involved with as a member. These activities focus on children and youth, and helping individuals and families in need. You can volunteer with youth groups like the Air Cadets or the Key and Circle K clubs; help out with the annual bed race or golf tournament; or even join the committee for the Kiwanis Medical Foundation. For a complete list of committees, programs and events you can become involved with as a member, please refer to our descriptions page.

What do I get as a member?

By becoming a member, you get the opportunity to give back to your community and build fellowship with men and women who share your values. Membership also gives you the opportunity to attend all of the club’s social events and initiatives.

Can I attend the Kiwanis luncheons if I am not a member?

Yes, absolutely. The luncheons are open to prospective members to give you the opportunity to meet the Ottawa Kiwanis community, and get better acquainted with the values and dynamic of our organization. We are always interested in new members joining our club.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is simple. First, you come join us at one of our luncheon meetings or volunteer projects. Then you will be matched with a club member who becomes your sponsor, who will then help you get better acquainted with the club and guide you through the membership process. There is an application form to fill out, and since we work extensively with children and youth, a police record check is also required. This all then gets reviewed by the membership committee and the Kiwanis Board before you are invited to become a member. 

Board of Directors for 2014-15 Effective 2014-10-01


President: Gary Flockton (between now and Sept 30, Gary is referred to as President-Designate)

Immediate Past President:Peter Charboneau

President-Elect: Wayne French

Secretary-Treasurer: Mark O’Neill


1-year term: Steve Moore

2-year term: Dawn Morewood (remains for 2nd year)

2-year term: Howard Whittaker (remains for 2nd year)

Congratulations to Wayne French and Steve Moore who are returning to the Board of Directors!  Thank you to the members who let their names stand.

2013/2014 Executive

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is run by an Executive elected by the members each year. The Executive meets on the third Monday of each month, and all Club members are welcome to attend.

The Executive of the Club includes the following positions:

96th President - Peter Charboneau, Publisher
Immediate Past President - Alison Hunter - Hotelier
President Designate -   Gary Flockton, MTS Allstream
Treasurer/Secretary - Mark O'Neill, Canadian Museum of Civilization Foundation


  • Guy Milne, CIBC
  • Dawn Morewood, RBC Dominion Securities
  • Howard Whittaker, Gordon Group

Administrative Manager: Rita Harper

Gary Flockton, Dawn Morewood, Howard Whittaker, Peter Charboneau, Alison Hunter, Mark O'Niel

Missing: Guy Milne

Executive for 2012-2013

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is run by an Executive elected by the members each year. The Executive meets on the third Monday of each month, and all Club members are welcome to attend.

The Executive of the Club includes the following positions:

94th President - Alison Hunter, Hilton Hotels
Immediate Past President -  Martin Diegel, Lawyer
President Designate -  Peter Charboneau, OTR Magazine
Vice President - Guy Bourbonniere, Trane Canada
Vice President - Gary Flockton, Allstream
Honorary Treasurer/Secretary - Mark O'Niel, Canadian War Museum


  • Tom Burnie, TJIB Consulting
  • Tom Burrow, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa
  • Bob Garrow, Retired
  • Wayne French, Waste Management
  • Guy Milne, CIBC
  • Dawn Morewood, RBC
  • Howard Whittaker, Gordon Group

Administrative Manager: Rita Harper

Front row: Mark O'Neil, Martin Diegel, Phil Rossy, Alison Hunter, Peter Charboneau, Gary Flockton, Guy Bourbonniere

Back row: Wayne French, Howard Whittaker, Dawn Morewood, Tom Burnie, Bob Garrow

Missing: Guy Milne, Tom Burrow


Bon Appetit Silent Auction

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, in association with Bon Appetit Ottawa, the outstanding Gourmet Wine and Food Extravaganza. This volunteer organization secures yearly sponsorship from the Hospitality Industry of the National Capital Region, with the proceeds benefiting a wide range of worthy local charities.

The 2012 version of the Auction will take place on May 1, 2012, between 17:30 and 21:00 at the new CE Centre at Uplands. There will be about 100 valuable items at the auction, so come out and support the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa.

More information about the Kiwanis Silent Auction at Bon Appetit can be found here.

Contact Us

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

#201 – 1283 Algoma Road,
Ottawa, ON K1B 3W7

Telephone: 613.233.1900
Fax: 613.233.3718
e-mail: office@ottawakiwanis.org

Kiwanis TV Bingo: 613.315.8989

Finance and Administration Manager: Rita Harper

Other Web sites:
Precious Minds educational video
Never Shake a Baby educational video
Kiwanis Read-a-thon
Kiwanis TV Bingo

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Foundation BIN 11898-4137 RC0001 
Charitable Registration Number #0306589-65-10


Watch It - Shred It Day

Each October, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa with the support of corporate member Shred-it, run "Watch-It, Shred-It Day". This fun raiser allows the public to dispose of their personal records securely and support Kiwanis programs, too!

Each year, hundreds gring their old tax files and other personal records for this one- day fundraising event and can watch as Shred-it technicians destroy their personal documents at the Shred-It unit.

Proceeds each year benefit the Kiwanis Christmas Food Basket Program for families

Charity Golf Tournament

Since 2001, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Inc. has run an Annual “One Can Make a Difference” Charity Golf Tournament at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club.

The tournament includes a hole in one contest, closest to the pin contests, longest drive contests and features the amazing course at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club.

Each year the tournament raises about $50,000, and the proceeds are used to enable Kiwanis service projects which support the Kiwanis theme of “One Can Make a Difference”.

The Accora Village Bed Race Presented by Allstream

Winterlude is a great symbol for Ottawa, and the Accora Village Bed Race presented by Allstream is a fun part of Winterlude. The Bed Race has been part of Winterlude from the first year in 1978, and since 2003 the event has been organized by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. In 2011 the Race had 40 teams and raised over $30,000 for initiatives of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. Todate the race has raised over $400,000 for Kiwanis and the community.

There is a lot more information on the site, and you can check out our Facebook page.

Reading is Fundamental

Starting in 1997 a pilot project underway at Connaught Public School Program was designed to encourage and promote literacy in children ages four and five from families where English or French is not spoken at home. Twenty-five Kiwanis volunteers read to these children from age and content appropriate books each week. At the end of the school year, the children may choose one of the books to retain. All materials and volunteers are supplied by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa.

The Kiwanis Read-a-thon

The Kiwanis Read-a-thon is designed to encourage children to become better readers, by reading more often, trying out new books—and have fun doing it!

In 2003 the read-a-thon started up with 16 schools and 4,677 students participated. The students read 38,286 books, and in several schools the read-a-thon also acted as a fund raiser. An unqualified success!

By 2007 the read-a-thon expanded to 222 schools, and 53,000 students in 13 countries.

To help provide information and support to the schools, teachers, parents and participants a web site has been established to answer questions and provide materials.

Kiwanis 211 Air Cadet Squadron

The 211 Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron was formed in 1942, and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa's has provided support for the Squadron with both financial resources and volunteer hours to assist the Squadron in building tomorrow's leaders.

During the school year, the Squadron meets at Notre Dame High School (710 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, K2A2M2 ) each Wednesday evening. Meetings start at 18:30 and youths between 12 and 19 are welcome to join.

More information on the Kiwanis 211 Air Cadet Squadron can be found here.